About A Good Rant

A Good Rant provides an opportunity for you to get things off your chest. It also enables others to rate and comment on your Rants, and for you to rate and comment on theirs.

Because we profoundly believe in the importance of free speech, we recognise that we may be offended by what others have to say, and that others may be offended by what we have to say. That right to offend and be offended is an essential ingredient in the freedom to say what we really think - without it, deep, meaningful discourse becomes impossible. How can we discuss the real issues of the day without challenging the views of others and having our views subject to scrutiny.


power is in the words, and we encourage you to think carefull about your choice of words. You do not need to use expletives, foul or gratuitously offensive language to win a debate. On the contrary, the use of such language simply undermines the power of your argument. We do not edit Rants or Replies. However, we reserve the right to remove any Rants that are illegal or use unnecessarily unacceptable language.

This site is not a commercial undertaking. We offer it simply to provide an opportunity for debate.