Submitting a Rant

You must be registered and logged in before you can submit a Rant.

Click the Submit button on the grey bar at the top and the Submit Your Rant sceen will appear. Enter your Rant in the Rant Content box. You can use the basic formatting facilities provided including bold, italic etc. You can also cut and paste text into the box.

When composing your Rant remember the power of words. We encourage you to think carefull about your choice of words. You do not need to use expletives, foul or gratuitously offensive language to win a debate. On the contrary, the use of such language simply undermines the power of your argument. We do not edit Rants or Replies. However, we reserve the right to remove any Rants that are illegal or use unnecessarily unacceptable language. That does not mean you cannot offend others. We profoundly believe in the importance of free speech, we recognise that we may be offended by what others have to say, and that others may be offended by what we have to say. That right to offend and be offended is an essential ingredient in the freedom to say what we really think - without it, deep, meaningful discourse becomes impossible. How can we discuss the real issues of the day without challenging the views of others and having our views subject to scrutiny?

You must select a Category for your Rant from the drop down list and you have the option of selecting and uploading an image to support your Rant. We recommend image sizes of 300 x 300 pixels but other sizes are acceptable. A powerful image can add real weight to your Rant so we encourage you to use this option.

Finally you must provide a Headline (of up to 140 characters) for your Rant - this should be a single sentence, like a newspaper headline, that captures the essence of your Rant.

You can now click Submit to submit your Rant.

After submitting your Rant you will be taken to the page displaying your new Rant. Assuming you are still logged in you will have the option of correcting any errors by clicking the edit rant icon (Edit Rant icon) at the top of the page.

You can subsequently edit your Rant at any time provided you are logged in as the Author of the Rant.

Replying to a Rant

When you view a Rant you will see a Reply tab at the bottom of the Rant. You must be registered and logged in before you can reply to a Rant. Click the Reply tab to show the Reply form. Enter your reply in the box provided and select either For or Against to indicate whether you are arguing in support of the Rant, or against it.

Click Submit to submit your Reply.

Rating a Rant

You can only Rate a Rant if you are registered and logged in. Alongside each Rant you will see a green up-arrow and the number of up-votes, and a red down-arrow and the number of down-votes. Click the Up or Down arrow to record your vote. You can only rate a Rant once.

Subscribe to a Rant

If you are registerd and logged in you can subscribe to a Rant by clicking the Subscribe icon icon. Once you are suscribed we will send you an email letting you know whenever anyone replies to the rant. You can unsubscribe at any time (provided you are logged in) by clicking the Unsubscribe icon.

Subscribe to new Rants

If you want to be notified by email whenever anyone posts a new Rant you must login and click the ADMIN button at the top right (on the grey bar) and click the Subscribe button under 'Email subscription'. You can easily unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button.