Monday 28/07/2014 09:52
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Fracking the planet to death

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Instead of easing planning laws and offering tax incentives to allow more fracking the government should ban all shale gas exploration and use tax laws to penalise all further fossil fuel exploitation. Why? Surely we need secure energy supplies in these difficult times and we need to reduce dependence on bad boys Russia. Yes, but at what cost? Anthropogenic climate change is running out of control and no one seems capable of taking the difficult decisions necessary to address this potential gobal disaster. Indeed, countries like Austalia are setting the fight against dangerous climate change back decades by repealing their carbon tax legislation. The ONLY sensible way forward is to leave as much carbon based fossil fuel in the ground as is humanly possible and invest whatever it takes in developing realistic alternative energy sources. Debate in the media about fracking rarely touches on this aspect and yet it is the most fundamental issue facing the planet. So, ban fracking, increase taxes on carbon based fuels, and invest in non-carbon based alternative energy research.

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