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#OpCharlieHebdo vs the jihadists

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Hackers affiliated to Anonymous have launched an operation (#OpCharlieHebdo) to attack jihadi web sites and social media. They have already taken down at least one French site with jihadist links and have posted the Twitter handles of the those responsible - brilliant!

We all know that jihadist groups are very adept at using social media to spread their poisonous propoganda and to recruit new members. So what better way to attack them than by bringing down their web sites and social media wherever they appear. I haven't always agreed with Anonymous and some of their campaigns but this one is right on the button - hit the jihadists where it hurts most: their propoganda and recruiting machines. Jihadist groups frequently hack web sites they don't like. One group in Paris recently took over several French municipal web sites, adding an Islamic State flag and and Arabic music. So, let's beat them at their own game and hit their web presence.

Well done Anonymous, this is one campaign that all people who believe in free speech should support. Take a look at this short Anonymous video:

Anonymous, good luck with #OpCharlieHebdo, we are with you.

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