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Halfway to catastrophe!

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This year the earth will pass the halfway point towards the UN global warming limit – the point beyond which the effects of climate change become catastrophic. Global surface temperatures will this year exceed 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and that's just surface temperatures. Since the majority of additional heat is absorbed by the oceans (not directly reflected in surface temperatures), the situation is actually even more serious.

This means the earth could pass the 2 degree C mark around the middle of the century. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmoshpere, the main forcing of climate change, is now passing 400 parts per million and we have no solutions in sight, no concerted global response. Most glaciologists now agree that we are heading for sea level rises of at least 5 metres – 5 metres!! The official projections of climate scientists have turned out to be too conservative time and again – Antarctic melting is already a century ahead of schedule. When are we going to actually do something about this?


New Scientist, 1 August 2015

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