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Brexit - a failure of the democratic process!

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1. The Brexit referendum was a failure of the democratic process:

-- allowing such a momentous and complex decision to be determined by a simple majority was ridiculous . 62.6% of the electorate either voted remain or did not vote and yet the result is being presented as on overwhelming majority - the British people have spoken!

-- the Brexit campaign was plagued by a mass of misinformation and outright lies on both sides, and the electorate was repeatedly told not to trust 'experts' (i.e. people who have dedicated their lives to studying and understanding complex issues). How can democracy work when politicans lie to the electorate and this is seen as acceptable?

-- the referendum did not specify what leaving the EU meant; even now this is not clear. The electorate were not asked whether we should remain in the single market, or the customs union. They weren't even asked if they wanted to restrict immigration. However, many/all will have made their own assumptions. Frequently these assumptions will have been wrong.

2. Wrong answer to the wrong question:

-- people voted for Brexit for many reasons: because they were fed up with being ignored, as a protest, because the benefits of globalisation had passed them by, because they believed (wrongly) that we had given up on the sovereignty of our parliament, because they believed immigration was causing many of our problems, because being in the EU had damaged our economy/industry/ jobs/freedoms/rights/...

-- politicians for years have used immigration and the EU as lazy excuses for everything that is wrong in this country instead of actually addressing the underlying problems. Many of the problems are caused by politician's own policies e.g. austerity, tax,..

-- immigration is not the problem. There are problems associated with immigration but they could be addressed by sensible government policy and funding without taking the enormous risk of leaving the EU. Unfortunatly successive governments have ignored the problem and lazily blamed the EU for our self-inflicted problems.

-- the EU is far from perfect but is not the cause of most of our problems. Let's address the real problems instead of jumping into an unknown future with absolutely no certainty that our problems will be solved. They may even be made much worse.

3. One of the main arguments in the Brexit campaign was around 'sovereignty' - we need to "take back control ". So why is our government so determined to avoid parliament having a say in the direction and end point of Brexit. The choices are enormous and complex and have never been put to parliament or the electorate. This is not democratic and undermines parliamentary sovereignty.

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