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Is Chinese New Year more multicultural than Jewish or Islamic festivals?

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2382 days ago
A few days ago I attended celebrations in Manchester marking the opening of the year of the snake. I was very pleasantly surprised by the spontaneous show of  multicultural appreciation for the dance of the dragon and the lion, accompanied by the rhythmic hammering of drums and the crash of symbols. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people harking from Beijing to Bolton lined the streets, whilst the lion and dragon dancers writhed past. Most of these dancers were not Chinese or Far East Asian,...


No More Page 3 vs. Ban the Niqab

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2215 days ago
Britain ostensibly prides itself on tolerance, thus it refuses to legislate against the niqab, the full face veil worn by some Muslim women as part of cultural and religious tradition. To many Brits these justifications are outdated and a mere camouflage to the misogyny ingrained in all of the major Abrahamic faiths. Why is it that a woman and not a man must show religious observance by concealing her whole face, and her ‘modesty’? At the same time, there is growing support fo...