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QR codes are obsolete.

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2240 days ago
You’ve probably seen at least one QR code (2D barcode) today whether it was on a bus shelter, a, magazine or bottle of cola. They’re easy to spot; they have to be so our blurry phone cameras can read them. As a fan of good design nothing makes me die inside like a poster featuring minimalistic design, subtle gradients and the perfectly kerned Helvetica font competing for space with a distracting, ugly QR code. They are also totally pointless. Imagine a scenario where a QR code ...


Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it's not just a few.

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1625 days ago
It appears following the terror attacks on France it is popular to point out that not all Muslims are terrorists and to suggest that it is intolerant to even report the religion of the killers in France because we wouldn't if they were a majority. Fuck that. Allow me to shamelessly copy paste some statistics and sources from all over the world. No, it's not all Muslim's but it's a significant number and it's more than any other faith. Wall of stats: World Public Opinion...